[Young Lords Party UN March]

Footage from a protest march organized by the Young Lords Party in front of the United Nations building in which protestors demanded liberation for Puerto Rico.

00:04Copy video clip URL A protest march through the streets of New York. The demonstrators are carrying Puerto Rican flags and chanting slogans in English and Spanish.

02:06Copy video clip URL Footage of the protestors, along with the police. Organizers of the march try to keep the people orderly: “Don’t let those motherfuckers give ’em an excuse to vamp on the people. Move over this way!” 

02:35Copy video clip URL The protestors stand around, Puerto Rican flags in the air, chanting “Puerto Rico right now!”, “Cuba Si! Yanqui no!” and other slogans.

05:18Copy video clip URL An organizer announces that they are waiting to set up the speakers but are having difficulty. Someone lights fabric on fire and lifts it into the air. Chants continue. People are waiting.

06:50Copy video clip URL An interview with an attendee in Spanish. He discusses the need for Puerto Rican liberation from the United States. 

07:50Copy video clip URL Lawyer William Kunstler is interviewed by reporters about his support for the protestors and their cause. “I hope people will listen to what’s said and I hope that that people will suddenly begin to realize where the real violence is in the United States and on whose hands the blood drips…. It’s not just the President and it’s not just the administration. The corporate society is a bloodletting society, and yet it tries to say that the victims are the bloodletters.” He is asked further questions about the Nixon administration’s recent activities. 

10:47Copy video clip URL Call and response from organizers and demonstrators. Signs along the march.

11:57Copy video clip URL Dozens of police officers lined up alongside the demonstration behind barricades. 

12:30Copy video clip URL Discussion of Puerto Rican liberation among the larger struggle for Latin American rights. 

14:17Copy video clip URL A Puerto Rican bystander expresses support for the demonstration and the urgency of their cause while being skeptical of some of their methods. 

15:40Copy video clip URL Another Puerto Rican bystander is skeptical of the demonstration, which he finds to be childish and which he doesn’t think will accomplish anything, while thinking that, generally, the activities of the Young Lords are “great.”

17:30Copy video clip URL Footage of the crowd as it disperses. 



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