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Andrew Jones goes to several places involved in the Sandifer/ Shevon Dean incident and examines the aftermath of said incident. He also talks with a policymaker about the issue.

0:00Copy video clip URL Jones takes us to the site of Shavon Dean’s death and monologues about his feelings coming back to the area months after he covered the story.

1:25Copy video clip URL Jones goes to the site of Robert Sandifer’s death and talks about the emotional challenges he faced while covering the story.

5:05Copy video clip URL Jones talks to the father of the Hardaway brothers, who were charged with the murder of Robert Sandifer. He also shoots cutaways of the house.

7:47Copy video clip URL Jones talks to Ralph Burlingham about the effect of Sandifer’s death on legislation and about the problem of youth crime.

13:00Copy video clip URL Jones shoots Burlingham’s secretary and asks her what she’d like to see on television.

14:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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