Zap TV

A demo for a program called "Zap TV," which would have been a magazine show with a wide variety of independently produced content.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black, color bars, black.

01:06Copy video clip URL “Good evening and welcome to Zap TV. It’s a new kind of television. It’s Pre-Zapped. .. [channel changing] This is the video polling channel…CCTV, the camcorder channel…this is the collective memory channel…On channel 5 it’s all about the streets of New York…and this channel is all music…So sit back, drop your remote, and leave the zapping to us.”

02:04Copy video clip URL Bill Richardson, congressman from New Mexico, talks about his ideal presidential candidate.

03:12Copy video clip URL A woman who works at a coffee shop in Hollywood talks about her ideal president.

03:34Copy video clip URL CCTV–giraffes eat.

03:42Copy video clip URL Old Nestle’s commercial.

03:53Copy video clip URL More giraffes eating.

04:15Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg reports from the New York channel, interviewing people on the street, including a security guard for a jewelry store and a fish vendor.

06:44Copy video clip URL “Hi Honey, I’m Home” music video. A rap about television with clips from old TV.

08:10Copy video clip URL A janitor talks about his ideal candidate: Edward Kennedy. A man dressed as a lobster votes for Robin Williams.

08:35Copy video clip URL Some journalists work on a community paper and answer questions about ethics from videomaker Eddie Becker.

10:27Copy video clip URL Artist Tony Fitzpatrick, in his studio, talks about the mentality of a person who would actually want to be president: not exactly something desirable. Writer John Nolan talks about the good idea of the “none of the above” candidate. Julie Harding, a legal secretary, says she would cast her vote for Frank Zappa “because he can carry a tune and he eats his broccoli.”

11:51Copy video clip URL Journalist from the previous segment talks about examining the scandals behind the politicians.

12:39Copy video clip URL An elderly man climbs a ladder and performs a trapeze act over a dumpster of foam pieces.

13:33Copy video clip URL Skip Blumberg, on the streets of New York, tapes a dress manufacturer sending clothes down a wire from an upper level apartment because the elevator is broken. When asked about fashion trends, the man responds that women are wearing lots of tights with polka-dots (the same item he is transporting). Blumberg talks to women who are walking to work.

17:15Copy video clip URL The old trapeze artist speaks in French.

17:30Copy video clip URL Blumberg tapes an Incan band playing on the streets near city hall. He goes out with a “people engineer” (as opposed to a “traffic engineer”), who talks about how traffic planning can ruin communities.

19:35Copy video clip URL Greta Hamilton from Los Angeles says the country is in a lot of trouble, and only one person can help: “We need a saint. Mother Theresa. I cast my vote for Mother Theresa.” A representative of a district outside of Los Angeles says he would look for a person who can provide compassion and understanding to be president. He recommends Governor Ann Richards of Texas.

21:13Copy video clip URL Music video for “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime” showing the city of New York.

22:52Copy video clip URL Tony Fitzpatrick says money’s going to be president “no matter who we fuckin’ elect.” Jose Cerrano, a representative from the South Bronx, says he’d like to see someone like Reverend Jesse Jackson for president.

24:34Copy video clip URL A man talks about the situation of African-Americans in America and the prevalence of racism.

25:52Copy video clip URL Lou Hobbs, an environmentalist, says the next president needs to be an environmentalist, which means either Jerry Brown or Jesse Jackson. An artist says that Jimmy Carter should be the next president.

27:04Copy video clip URL Back to the man talking about racism. “You show me a black man who is not angry and I’ll show you a Negro in serious need of psychological evaluation.”

27:49Copy video clip URL Echo man performs on Venice Beach.

28:10Copy video clip URL A writer for Time Magazine (sarcastically) says his favorite president was Nixon.

29:35Copy video clip URL Uncle Sam falls at a rally.

29:50Copy video clip URL Music video.

30:18Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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