Eddie Becker

Description: This collection features some of the work of Washington D.C. and New York City based videographer Eddie Becker. Becker’s interaction with videography began via Sony Porto in the 1970s, and still continues today, now via iPhone, among other materials. Becker’s work is often notable for its emphasis on the interview format, and features interviews with protesters, working class people, passers-by, and activists. As such, his footage tends to bridge the gap between local activism and global political movements. 

Our complete collection of Eddie’s work can be found here.

Dates: 1989-2014

People: Eddie Becker, Nancy Cain, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Marrion Barry, Ian MacKaye, Rahm Emanuel 

Subjects: Activism, Local Politics, American Politics, Elections, Interviews, Disabilities Awareness, Democratic Party, Political Parties, War and Peace, Protests, Social Justice, Journalism

Selected Videography: 

Iran-Contra Affair

A Follow-up to One of Our Favorite Videos from the 90s

Revolutionary Music from Tigray

the 90s Election Specials: The Primary

Demonstrations in Washington DC after the Rodney King Verdict