Watch Videos From Our Collection

Watch Videos From Our Collection

The Media Burn collection of videos were created by a geographically, socially, and economically diverse community of videomakers throughout the world. The collection forms an unmatched portrait of 20th and 21st century American life, created by individuals with a deeply rooted commitment to increasing our understanding of other human beings and communities.


Chicago Collection

The Chicago Collection is the cornerstone of our archive, spanning more than a half century of history and culture. It contains records of this city’s people, places, and events from a distinctly non-commercial point of view, not represented elsewhere. Notably, there is comprehensive documentation of local politics, such as Alderman Vito Marzullo; Congressman Rahm Emanuel; Congressman Dan Rostenkowski; Senator Carol Moseley-Braun; Governors Jim Edgar and George Ryan; mayors Jane Byrne, Harold Washington, and Richard J. and Richard M. Daley; and more.


Politics Collection

A diverse set of materials, documenting the major presidential campaigns and elections, Illinois House and Senate, and Chicago politics. Featuring every Chicago mayor since Richard J. Daley, as well as extensive footage of city council members, it’s an eye opening picture of how politics really works in Chicago. The Media Burn collection covers the lasting cultural impact of the 1968 Democratic National Convention and Chicago Conspiracy trial, and the Chicagoans who have shaped public policy locally and nationally, such as David Axelrod, the Daley family, and Rahm Emanuel.


Sports Collection

Atypical documentation of the world of sports, featuring the wackiest and most interesting characters in sports of the ‘80s and ‘90s The unique collection includes personal portraits and camera original videos of dozens of characters. They include Doug Atkins, Dick “the Bruiser” Afflis, Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton, Larry Doby, Mark The Bird” Fidrych, Charles O. Finley, Minnesota Fats, Orestes “Minnie” Minoso, Floyd Patterson, and many more.


Eye On The Media Collection

This collection of videos aims a critical eye at the way that news is constructed, with an inside view of print, radio, and television.


Arts and Culture Collection

This collection includes live theatre, video and performance art, and interviews with artists in a range of mediums.


Global Collection

This collection includes footage from around the world, from social justice movements to cultural heritage. The collection strives to give an on-the-ground and unadulterated view of the world and give voice to international perspectives.



The videos in the Media Burn collection were created by a diverse community of artists, journalists, and community organizers around the world who use video to break boundaries.


The 90’s

The 90’s was a PBS documentary series that aired from 1989-1992, produced by Tom Weinberg and Joel Cohen. Each hour-long episode featured the work of dozens of different independent video producers who mailed tapes for submission, as well as the work of about a dozen “camcorder correspondents” working under contract for the show.


Image Union

Image Union was an American independent film and video series on WTTW-Chicago created by Tom Weinberg in 1978. Each episode featured the work of one or more film and/or video producers who submitted their work for inclusion in the program.

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