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Every second of your video archives deserves expert care, attention, and preservation

Your school or department has an archive of video and audio tapes that’s irreplaceable. As a caretaker of that legacy, you must do whatever it takes to protect and preserve key moments in your institution’s history.

Sadly, those video and audio tapes may soon be unplayable and lost forever. No matter how well you store and protect your magnetic media collection, your tapes are deteriorating. Even the equipment required to play them is obsolete and becoming increasingly rare.


Convert your videotapes to a digital library

Save your media archives now, before it’s too late. We can help you convert all those recordings of voices, stories, and events into a well-organized digital catalog that affords you the option to search by names, titles, dates, or other metadata. Consider what you could be preserving for years to come:

  • alumni events;
  • faculty media appearances;
  • conferences;
  • workshops;
  • lectures;
  • graduation ceremonies;
  • sporting events;
  • performances;
  • student films; and
  • research materials.

You can trust us with your tapes

Don’t take any risks with your school’s legacy. Entrust your tapes to expert archivists whose passion is the preservation of history and culture. The team at Media Burn has been in the business of preserving invaluable, history-rich video collections for over 15 years.

We’re not-for-profit, we’re driven, and we don’t take shortcuts. We take great pains to digitize and preserve every second of video that can be saved. It’s our mission.

Contact us to develop a personalized plan for the digital preservation of your entire video and audio collection.

Video archivers you can trust

Our department had 15 years of student films in boxes of mini-DV tapes and DVDs. Your team organized, categorized, and digitized them and made it easy to search and share the preserved digital files. We even found things we didn’t know we had! It was a godsend.”

— Professor of Practice, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, University of Chicago

Accepted formats


1″ type C • 3/4” U-matic • digital Betacam • Betacam SP • Betacam SX • Betamax • Hi-8mm • Hi-8mm HiFi • Video-8 • VHS • S-VHS • VHS-C • mini-DV • DVCAM • DVCPro • DVD • CD • audio cassette

Connect with us

Contact us for a personalized price quote or technical consultation for the digital preservation of your video collection. Want to speak with us directly? Give us a call at 312-964-5020.

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