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  • [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Braun / Dixon / Hofeld Senate debate]

    [The 90’s Election Specials raw: Braun / Dixon / Hofeld Senate debate]

    Footage for The 90’s election specials. Off-air debate between the Illinois candidates for U.S. Senate: Carol Moseley Braun, incumbent Alan Dixon, and Al Hofeld. Continue reading

  • [The 90s raw: Bits And Pieces of Skip’s World]

    [The 90s raw: Bits And Pieces of Skip’s World]

    Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s shot by Skip Blumberg. A variety of everyday scenes are pictured: African American at-risk youth read poems predicting the state of affairs in the 1990s. A woman feeds squirrels on a park bench in England. Most of the video is from a baseball game between the Cuban national team and the Indians [?] in Granada, Nicaragua. Continue reading

  • [The 90’s raw: Prof. William M. King]

    [The 90’s raw: Prof. William M. King]

    Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s. This tape features an interview with Professor William H. King of the Black Studies Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. King gives an in-depth analysis of the the societal, economic, and racial problems that have been a part of the American experience since its inception. King focuses on the subject of capital punishment and argues function and purpose in society. Continue reading

  • L.A. Riots

    L.A. Riots

    Andrew Jones goes to Los Angeles in the aftermath of the riots of 1992. He speaks with many people about the racial issues that sparked this uprising–the feeling that blacks and Latinos had been systematically discriminated against in their own neighborhoods for years. The main complaint is that stores in their neighborhoods were owned by whites and Koreans and they were overcharged for all services and products. Much of the tension appears to be between the blacks/Latinos and the Korean shop owners. Another interesting feature of the tape is the discussion of the differing motives between rioters and looters and between the actions in different parts of the city. For example, in some areas, only specific businesses, those that were seen as longtime oppressors, were targeted. A man shows footage from his camcorder of the looting, and notes that all of the looters were white, and all were smiling. Clearly, the situation in Los Angeles was far from simple. This tape is a fascinating glimpse into the psychology of the time period. Continue reading

  • Bongo


    This tape appears to be raw or crudely edited footage (perhaps a very rough cut) from a documentary about the 1992 riots in Los Angeles sparked by the acquittal of the police officers who beat Rodney King. The first 15 minutes are taken up by an interview with Bongo, an African-American artist and business owner in South Central Los Angeles. Bongo’s comments, which are often very passionate and animated, center on the racist mistreatment of African-Americans, particularly African-Americans i n Los Angeles. The remainder of the tape is raw footage shot in Los Angeles following the riots. Most of the shots are of National Guardsmen patrolling the streets on foot and in armored vehicles. These images make Los Angeles look eerily similar to occupied Baghdad. Continue reading

  • [The 90’s raw: Sherod Williams]

    [The 90’s raw: Sherod Williams]

    This tape features raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s. Eddie Becker interviews Sherod Williams, a clinical psychologist, about his experience with racism and the steps that need to be taken in order to combat it. Continue reading

  • [Chicago Slices raw: Tracy Williams]

    [Chicago Slices raw: Tracy Williams]

    Raw footage for “Chicago Slices,” a series documenting life in and around Chicago. This video features an interview with Tracy Williams, who recently moved from California to Maywood, Illinois. She tells stories about the differences between living in Southern California and Chicago. Hers is followed by several shorter interviews asking people about their love of hot dogs, ending at Gospel Fest in Grant Park. Continue reading