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  • Ed Paschke: The Artist Behind the Mask

    11:52 Chicago Tribune art critic Alan Artner discusses the negative reception of Paschke’s paintings depicting handguns. He explains that the subject matter became threatening to some audiences.

  • Love It / Leave It

    From the “Chicago-Scope: The Films of Tom Palazzolo, 1967–1976” catalogue: “A tour de force of late 1960s civic and political countercultures, Love It/Leave It (1971; 14 minutes) juxtaposes the annual Naked City contest in Roselawn, Indiana, neighborhood characters, and American consumerism with the foment of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago (replete with cameos by William S. Burroughs, Mayor Richard J. Daley, and Allen Ginsburg). The film reaches a crescendo with the insistent refrain of the Vietnam-era expression “love it or leave it.”” Continue reading

  • O

    From the “Chicago-Scope: The Films of Tom Palazzolo, 1967–1976” catalogue: “One of Tom Palazzolo’s first films, this inspired in part by René Clair’s 1924 film starring Francis Picabia, Entr’acte. O’s use of double exposure, free association and improvisation, chiaroscuro, and a nonsensical “musique concrète” soundtrack pay homage to these masters of Dada and Surrealism.” Continue reading

  • 10PM TV News: March 31, 2000

  • [Slave reparations hearing at Chicago City Council – Justice for Janitors SEIU local #1 strike rally]

    Footage shot by Bill Stamets for the City 2000 project that aimed to document the City of Chicago in the year 2000. The first section tapes place at a reparations hearing at the Chicago City Council, and the second half documents a Justice for Janitors SEIU local #1 strike rally. Continue reading

  • South Loop Flea Market

    0:03 Several takes of Jennifer Conton introducing the South Loop flea market, visible in the background. Later, she rehearses another piece of narration while standing next to a van. 4:47 Passersby and peddlers mill about the flea market, including a man selling a pair of dogs in a box and a man pushing a tamale cart. 5:27 Bars and tone. 5:32 Brian Page, in the Blue Room, does several takes introducing the South Loop flea market. He interviews manager Andy … Continue reading

  • The Tattooed Lady of Riverview

    Tom Palazzolo documents “The Tattooed Lady of Riverview,” part of the freak show in the waning days of Chicago’s Riverview amusement park. Continue reading

  • Marquette Park I

    A film by Tom Palazzolo and Mark Rance documenting neo-Nazi activity in the Marquette Park neighborhood of Chicago on August 21, 1976. The day marked one of many conflicts between black civil rights marchers and white supremacist neighborhood groups who were mobilizing to prevent black residents from moving into the neighborhood. Continue reading