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  • Tracing the Light

    Long version of film about making the show “Tracing the Light” by Donna Blue Lachman. Continue reading

  • Tracing the Light

    Acorn Theater. complete show. Continue reading

  • St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

    St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago

    St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday of tradition, especially in Chicago. From the bigger St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown to the South Side Irish Parade in Beverly, it is a day to celebrate Irish heritage and culture with a beer or two. It is also a reminder of the prevalence of the Irish in Chicago history and politics.  Check out the clips below about the process of dyeing the river green and how the parade can get political. This Is … Continue reading

  • Hollywood Comes To Chicago

    Hollywood Comes To Chicago

    This short documentary details how the Chicago film scene grew under Lucy Salenger’s direction, specifically following John Landis as he scouts locations for Blues Brothers. Continue reading

  • Electronic Masks

    Electronic image processed video art featuring spiritual themes that was created by Barbara Sykes using the Sandin Image Processor. Continue reading

  • Seven Days Overexposed

    Seven Days Overexposed

    In seven short days, Chicagoans saw their greatest joy sour and their country descend into slow-rolling chaos. Shooting for this documentary began in early fall of 2016, to capture, in Guerrilla TV-style, the masses of people that we saw more and more frequently on the streets of Chicago. We started with the debauchery surrounding the Cubs winning the World Series. A week later, Mary Otoo and Lucia Ahrensdorf found themselves filming a citywide protest against the election of Donald Trump. … Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #3]

    Dr. Quentin Young at the house which Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in Chicago in the 1960s, as well as Cook County Hospital, speaking on the Chicago healthcare system and the need for national health insurance. Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #2]

    In a film in which the audio and video are out of sync due to playback-speed disparities, we hear from Dr. Quentin Young about some of the historical challenges that have faced the Chicago healthcare system, as well as a 1937 steel workers dispute that ended with 10 protestors dead. Continue reading