Punch 9 for Harold Washington: Pre and Post Screening Q&A at Doc Films (2-6-2024)

Witness a riveting Q&A Session at the University of Chicago that followed the screening of a new documentary on Mayor Harold Washington.

0:01Copy video clip URL The footage begins. 

0:04Copy video clip URL People are seen getting seated in a theater while an announcer speaks into a microphone. 

7:13Copy video clip URL questions from the audience regarding the prior screening of a documentary on Mayor Harold Washington begin. 

11:09Copy video clip URL An important discussion regarding the future of America in sociopolitical terms is brought forth during the Q&A Session. 

14:53Copy video clip URL A further discussion about preserving Mayor Washington’s legacy is brought forth. 

22:00Copy video clip URL One of the audience members brings up the importance of political organizing in the Q&A Session.

26:00Copy video clip URL A discussion regarding the death of Mayor Washington is brought forth. 

38:49Copy video clip URL The footage ends. 



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