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  • Each One, Teach One: A Tribute to Michael Zinzun

    Each One, Teach One: A Tribute to Michael Zinzun

    A series of eulogies from the funeral of Michael Zinzun — the prominent Civil Rights activist — examine his life and impact on the world. This is done in the context of the Black Panther Party, as the Party’s manifesto is read out, each of the ten demands paralleling some part of Zinzun’s life or personal creed. The stories are truly amazing, and to position them within such a context is chillingly adept. Continue reading

  • We Can Make It Work

    We Can Make It Work

    00:00 Video opens with announcement from the Caribbean Council for the Blind and title image: We Can Make it Work. 00:27 Camera opens on the back of a man who is feeding chickens. A woman narrator speaks about the importance of access to the world of work to be able to meet the basic needs of living and contribute to community, while the camera shows community members completing various jobs. 00:50 Narrator speaks about the success of blind and visually … Continue reading

  • Hollywood Comes To Chicago

    Hollywood Comes To Chicago

    This short documentary details how the Chicago film scene grew under Lucy Salenger’s direction, specifically following John Landis as he scouts locations for Blues Brothers. Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #3]

    Dr. Quentin Young at the house which Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in Chicago in the 1960s, as well as Cook County Hospital, speaking on the Chicago healthcare system and the need for national health insurance. Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #2]

    In a film in which the audio and video are out of sync due to playback-speed disparities, we hear from Dr. Quentin Young about some of the historical challenges that have faced the Chicago healthcare system, as well as a 1937 steel workers dispute that ended with 10 protestors dead. Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #1]

    Dr. Quentin Young, of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, describes the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, especially focusing on the violence that injured some 1100 people. He delivers his narration from Grant Park, Federal Building, Daley Plaza, and Bughouse Square.
    Continue reading

  • La Gigantona Shoot

    00:01 Camera opens on some men standing in a truck and children surrounding them in Nicaragua. The kids crowd around the camera and recording equipment. They unload drums and masks from the truck, and the kids play the drums. Shots of people walking around and kids putting on the masks. Men riding on a tractor. Woman speaks in spanish as a demonstration for the camera and the drums play, large masks dance.  16:33 Cut to a group of men sitting … Continue reading

  • The New Klan: Heritage of Hate

    2017 restoration version. Continue reading