New York Women’s Video Festival on “The Six O’Clock Report with Jim Jenson”

Susan Milano uses tape delay to sing with herself. Footage of a CBS News Report covering the first New York Women's Video Festival. An extended clip of the movie 42nd Street.

00:04Copy video clip URL Camera setup. 

01:16Copy video clip URL Susan Milano arranges monitors playing a live feed of her on tape delay so that she sings “Row Your Boat” in a round with herself, with a great deal of feedback noise. She starts laughing and the camera zooms in and out. She sings “Three Blind Mice,” with less feedback. 

03:26Copy video clip URL Clips and fragments from “The Six O’Clock Report with Jim Jenson” from CBS in New York City. 

04:29Copy video clip URL Commercials for Chase Manhattan Bank, General Electric’s King Size “Toast-R-Oven.”

05:20Copy video clip URL A segment on the first New York Women’s Video Festival: “Video creations with a woman’s touch are on display at a new festival in Manhattan…” Lynn Sherr reports on the festival. 

05:31Copy video clip URL Sherr reports: “No, that’s not a test pattern you’re watching. It’s an electronic composition called Video Wallpaper. And along with about fifty other tapes it’s on view at the Women’s Video Festival…” Footage from various videos, including The Priest and the Pilot, by the Women’s Interart Center Video Workshop, Louis Ledeen/Etra’s Narcissicon, Louise Denver and David Redom’s The Streets of Ulster.

06:25Copy video clip URL Milano discusses The Streets of Ulster and Optic Nerve’s Miss California Pageant. 

07:42Copy video clip URL Sherr, in-studio, wraps up the segment: “…you’ll really be amazed by the kinds of things they’re putting on television screens these days.” Jim Jenson concludes the show. 

08:20Copy video clip URL Ads for Good Food magazine, Kinney Shoes, Mazda (“The thrill is back. Mazda performs.”), Warner Brothers’ Jungle Habitat.

09:20Copy video clip URL Credits for “The Six O’Clock Report with Jim Jenson.” 

10:35Copy video clip URL Excerpts from the movie 42nd Street (1933), taped off of television.




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