[Marijuana Discussion #2]

A panel discussion among high school students about the pros and cons of marijuana.

00:04Copy video clip URL Larry S. White, a young man wearing a “Prologue” t-shirt, reads his opinion about smoking marijuana. He messes up and starts over. 

02:10Copy video clip URL Clement Watkins, a young man wearing a “Pac-Man” baseball cap, reads a statement about the relative safety of smoking marijuana versus other drugs. “If you smoke it, at least you’re messing with something natural and you’re getting your money’s worth.” 

02:49Copy video clip URL A young woman named Sandy Ariano reads her statement about marijuana, which she says is natural and very commonly used. 

04:06Copy video clip URL Patrick Jefferson, a young man, talks about using marijuana for relaxation  and meditation, but cautions against growing dependent on it. 

04:54Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks about the panelists’ personal use of marijuana. Watkins answers, barely audible, discusses being a social smoker and asserts that “it’s good for you” and that “it does the job.” Ariano and Watkins discuss the difference between a chronic smoker and a social smoker. 

08:54Copy video clip URL Jefferson talks about saving money by buying large quantities instead of small bags. White discusses his own purchasing habits. 

11:00Copy video clip URL The changes in society if marijuana was legalized. “If it was legalized, it would be just like alcohol.” The burdens placed on society by alcoholism. The commonplace nature of marijuana making the possibility of legalization minimally impactful. 

13:50Copy video clip URL The reasons for marijuana remaining illegal. 

15:30Copy video clip URL What to keep in mind if you’re thinking of smoking marijuana. Advice to younger people about marijuana.

23:07Copy video clip URL The panelists’ first experiences smoking marijuana. Their understanding of the drug before they tried it. Why they started smoking pot. 

27:28Copy video clip URL The need for people to educate themselves about marijuana before trying it. Not allowing people to pressure you into smoking marijuana; smoking only if you want to. 

31:07Copy video clip URL Closing statements from the panelists. They reiterate the need to only use marijuana if you want to do so, not letting anyone force you into smoking. 



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