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  • Trump Protest (Chicago; October 28, 2019)

    On Monday, October 28, 2019 protestors gathered on East Wacker Drive, across the Chicago River from Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago (401 North Wabash Avenue), where President Donald Trump met with supporters at Terrace 16 restaurant for a luncheon and photo-ops to raise 2020 re-election campaign funds through the Trump Victory Committee. Continue reading

  • A Vision Comes to Life: Chicago’s 57th Street Art Fair, The First Fifty Years 1948-1997

  • Seven Days Overexposed

    Seven Days Overexposed

    In seven short days, Chicagoans saw their greatest joy sour and their country descend into slow-rolling chaos. Shooting for this documentary began in early fall of 2016, to capture, in Guerrilla TV-style, the masses of people that we saw more and more frequently on the streets of Chicago. We started with the debauchery surrounding the Cubs winning the World Series. A week later, Mary Otoo and Lucia Ahrensdorf found themselves filming a citywide protest against the election of Donald Trump. … Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #3]

    Dr. Quentin Young at the house which Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in Chicago in the 1960s, as well as Cook County Hospital, speaking on the Chicago healthcare system and the need for national health insurance. Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #2]

    In a film in which the audio and video are out of sync due to playback-speed disparities, we hear from Dr. Quentin Young about some of the historical challenges that have faced the Chicago healthcare system, as well as a 1937 steel workers dispute that ended with 10 protestors dead. Continue reading

  • [Quentin Young tape #1]

    Dr. Quentin Young, of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, describes the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, especially focusing on the violence that injured some 1100 people. He delivers his narration from Grant Park, Federal Building, Daley Plaza, and Bughouse Square.
    Continue reading

  • Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 2

    Pop Video Test: Chicago Video Art, part 2

    “The Pop Video Test” was a joint effort between Scott Jacobs and Tom Weinberg of the Chicago Editing Center, and the Video Group of the Bell and Howell Corporation. This cooperative effort between the independent video community and a corporate video distributor was intended to test the viability of the home video market. The videomakers assembled ten hours of video pieces meant as an alternative to available pre-recorded programming (ie Hollywood movies). Fifty VCR owners in the Chicago area agreed to examine and review the tapes. Test viewers then received the programming two hours at a time, in groupings labeled Video Art, Documentary, Entertainment, and Potpourri. Continue reading

  • [Chicago Zoning Commission B-Roll 8461]

    [Chicago Zoning Commission B-Roll 8461]

    Raw footage from the experimental documentary, “Open Hearing.” Continue reading