[LVSC Youth Jobs Interviews]

High school students interview fellow young people about their jobs and their attempts to find jobs.

00:03Copy video clip URL Interview with a young man about him finding and working a job. Finding a job by walking through his neighborhood and applying to any business that had a “Help Wanted” sign in the window. Difficulties in finding jobs for young people that aren’t in fast food restaurants. 

03:16Copy video clip URL Interview with 17-year-old Sharon Wright, who works in a clothing store. Finding her job by asking businesses if they were hiring. Lack of jobs for young people.

05:16Copy video clip URL Interview with Laurie New, an 18-year-old, who has been working at shoe store The Athlete’s Foot since it opened. Difficulties finding a job when you’re young and difficulties joining a union, which limits young people to low paying jobs. Jobs helping prevent young people from “deviance” in order to get money.  

09:38Copy video clip URL Interview with 18-year-old Bob, who also works at The Athlete’s Foot. He talks about the importance of jobs for young people and the difficulties in finding a job. Brief losses of audio. 

12:16Copy video clip URL Interview with 14-year-old Andy and 17-year-old Buddy, both of whom are trying to find jobs. 

14:04Copy video clip URL 18-year-old Colette Morton, who talks about her current job in a clothing store. Difficulties finding a job for young people. Needing to know somebody in order to get a job. 

15:48Copy video clip URL Model and future actress Daryl Hannah and Katie Stollman, both 16. The importance of having a job and of learning how to manage money. Hannah talks about needing to lie about her age to get some jobs. 

17:40Copy video clip URL A 14-year-old boy and his 15-year-old friend talk about unsuccessfully trying to find jobs. 

20:50Copy video clip URL Margo Seltzer and Amy Smith, both 11, talk about working as babysitters. They make $1/hour. They talk about expecting to get jobs when they’re around 16. 

22:42Copy video clip URL Footage of the street, shot through the interior window. The CTA 22 bus drives past. CTVN’s Denise Zaccardi can be seen sitting in a both as the camera pans back into the restaurant in which they’re shooting. 



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