Rainbow Soup

Watch an episode of "Rainbow Soup" featuring various artists of all mediums from around the world!

0:03Copy video clip URL The footage begins. 

0:55Copy video clip URL The animated title card for “Rainbow Soup” appears. 

1:45Copy video clip URL The “Art Institute of Chicago” is shown. 

2:08Copy video clip URL The “America Windows” by Marc Chagall are shown. 

4:34Copy video clip URL The professional process of stained glass creation and repair is shown.

7:39Copy video clip URL The Seattle skyline is shown.

7:49Copy video clip URL The entrance to the “Womad Festival” is shown.

7:56Copy video clip URL The Puentes Brothers from Havana, Cuba are shown performing.

9:07Copy video clip URL Peter Gabriel is shown performing. 

9:47Copy video clip URL One of the performers who is a Reggae musician from the UK is interviewed. 

12:39Copy video clip URL A Taiko Drumming demonstration is shown at the festival. 

13:34Copy video clip URL A Taiko Drumming show live on stage with the practitioners wearing traditional uniforms is shown. 

14:23Copy video clip URL “Tower Bridge” in London, UK is shown. 

14:26Copy video clip URL Children’s book author and illustrator Marcia Williams is shown at work in her home studio. 

18:28Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel is introduced. 

23:35Copy video clip URL The footage ends. 



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