[Cabrini Green interviews]

Interviews and footage filmed at and around Cabrini Green by students at Cabrini Green Community High School.

00:07Copy video clip URL Camera set-up. 

02:51Copy video clip URL An interview with an assistant manager at Cabrini Green. Discussion of her responsibilities and daily tasks. 

07:14Copy video clip URL Camera set-up. Footage of administrative offices. 

08:45Copy video clip URL An exterior sign: “Lower North Center. A Branch of Chicago Youth Centers.” People on the sidewalk.

09:19Copy video clip URL Brief conversation with a woman who works in Child Development at the Youth Center. 

10:05Copy video clip URL Inside the Youth Center. Camera set-up. 

11:25Copy video clip URL An interview with Jackie Baskerville, the assistant to the director of program operations on the North Side. She discusses the Child Development program and other programs for kids. 

13:48Copy video clip URL The group workers at the Center making home and school visits and counseling children. Activities available to kids at the Center. 

16:29Copy video clip URL Baskerville’s own employment history. Liking her job. Needing more funding for more employees. 

19:05Copy video clip URL Shooting outside the building. The camera operator points out Mr. Wilson, “he’s a very good tailor.” Images of a mural. 

20:25Copy video clip URL Conversation with Miss Jackie Vincent and Keke, two young women. 

21:16Copy video clip URL Inside Cabrini Green Community High School. A jokey interview with a student named Ronald Martin. “A very intelligent school, if you’re a dummy.” Joking around behind the camera.

24:00Copy video clip URL Joking outside of Cabrini Green about Walter Connolly, one of the student videomakers. Filming outside of the buildings. 

25:36Copy video clip URL Talking with two young women, Tina and Rosemary. Other students in the hallways at Cabrini Green High School  



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