[FALN on TV news]

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Collection of TV news reports on the arrest of members of the FALN in Evanston.

0:00 Unrelated TV news reports.

2:40 FALN were arrested in Evanston, where they had been hiding out, wearing”dangling moustaches.” Witness Mrs. Walter Jacobsen speaks to the news crew. She was the person who called the police and caused the police to find the suspects. The police had no previous knowledge that the FALN were hiding in Evanston until Mrs. Jacobsen made this phone call about suspicious activity. We get historical information on the FALN’s crimes. Footage of protesters demanding the release of the suspects. Rev. Jose Torres speaks.

5:00 New report covering the same story. We see the van where the suspects were found, wearing phony moustaches and carrying sawed off shotguns. We see the Carter/Mondale offices where the FALN had broken in on March 13, 1980. More protest footage. Paul Hogan reports for NBC news.

6:40 New report. John Quinones reports about how the FALN suspects were arrested. Mrs. Walter Jacobsen describes specifically what struck her as suspicious about the suspects – they were wearing jogging clothes and going back and forth on her block. We learn that police suspect that William Morales is also hiding in the Chicagoland area. Susan Anderson gives us background on the FALN. We go to the Carter/Mondale headquarters again. We see an explosion at Woodfield mall and at various Cook County buildings.

10:30 End of tape.



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