Do you still have untransferred 1/2″ open reel videotapes?

(If you don’t know what this question means, you definitely don’t!)

If you were a portable video pioneer who was active in the late 1960s and/or early 1970s, you might still have some lurking around somewhere that you never got around to transferring. Time is almost up…

We are in the process of applying for a grant to transfer our remaining 1/2″ reels. We know that many wonderful tapes from this quickly vanishing era of video experimentation remain untransferred and are in great jeopardy of being lost forever. If you would like your 1/2″ tapes to be considered for inclusion in this grant proposal, send a list of the tapes to [email protected], with a brief description of what you think is on each one by July 1. This is the last possible day to be included in our grant proposal.

If your tapes are selected and the grant proposal is successful, we will pay to send the tapes to a specialist for cleaning and transfer, make them available for free public viewing (not downloading) on, store digital masters in our permanent collection, and provide you with a dvd and/or file copy. You’ll get the equivalent of around $300 per reel in restoration work for free. We’ll continue fulfilling our mission to restore and distribute alternative video and TV history.



  1. Harry Davis says:


    I just watched your

    4 More Years/1972 Republican Convention/Miami Beach, FL

    I DEFINITELY have tapes for your grant proposal.

    Although I was at the 1972 Republican Convention, and was in a big black limo that was tear gassed and I was dragged right into the convention when Nixon was speaking, I have my SUNY@Bufflo teacher & friend, Leslie Fiedler on tape, a few hours of interview I did in his home in Buffalo, NY.

    I have been meaning to transfer these tapes for some time now.
    Please contact me at this email.

    Thank you,

    ~Harry Davis
    294 Meigs Street, #5, Rochester, NY
    585-281-3698; 585-413-3101

    Occupy RFK, Jr. at White Plains, NY

    Harry Davis
    [email protected]
    Rochester, NY

  2. glen goertzen says:

    i have a reel2rell not sure whats on it .. also came with slides from expensive properties in hawia with prices and birds trees

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