Milly’s Orchid Show 30th anniversary July 29th

Three Decades of Cutting-Edge Cabaret

Milly May Smithy is the alter ego of performer and musician Brigid Murphy. Since 1987, Murphy, as Milly, has hosted Milly’s Orchid Show, a variety show featuring an eclectic blend of music, dance, comedy and high art. The showcase introduced audiences in Chicago and around the country to performers including the Blue Man Group, David Sedaris, Emo Philips, and Nora Dunn.

This Saturday, July 29, Milly’s Orchid Show will be making its return to Park West, a venue which frequently served as the site of the showcase throughout the ’90s. To attend this special anniversary show, click here.

Today’s video features clips from showcases across the years, at venues like the Lounge Ax and Park West. It highlights the range of acts that Murphy and her rambunctious alter ego Milly brought to the stage over the years, from monologues and song-and-dance to tango, tap-dancing and stage fighting.

Dozens of Milly’s Orchid Shows, as well as other performances by Murphy, are available at Media Burn.



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