Minnie Miñoso documentary… a great start!

I am so honored and grateful for the pledges for “Baseball’s Been Very, Very Good To Me.” They have come from all over the world… from  close friends, valued Media Burn supporters, and complete strangers.

I went out with Minnie yesterday and was reminded of how long we’ve been getting together and talking about baseball and life. He was compelling last night in the way he spoke about the Ozzie Guillen controversy. It wasn’t on video, but the documentary will be equally personal and revealing.

Tom with Minnie

I’ve been fascinated by him as a player and a person since his rookie year with the White Sox in 1951. He was the most exciting player I’d ever seen, and the first black player in Chicago.

So far, 60 of you have contributed more than $8,000 so that Minnie’s story can be seen all over the world. Thanks… this is terrific!

We still have $12,000 to go before we reach our goal. As you know, Kickstarter provides all or nothing funding, meaning if we don’t hit our goal, we don’t get any of your pledges!

You can help make it happen by contributing to the project, and we ask all of you to tell others about it via email, Facebook, telephone, or smoke signals. We can’t do it without you!


Thanks… as always, for your support for what you (and of course, we) believe to be important.




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