The Whole World is Watching

Announcing our new weekly video series, The Whole World is Watching

Media Burn is expanding on our successful online video productions by creating a new weekly mini-documentary series The Whole World Is Watching. We will harness the power of historical videos to illuminate contemporary culture and politics. It will be free to worldwide audiences, as always.


The stories we tell about the world and our country’s past matter. Facts matter.

History is being rewritten at this moment, through a simple and frightening disregard for the lives of a huge number of us. Much of it, including dangerous attacks on the media, is unprecedented.

That’s where FITV/Media Burn comes in. Preserving concrete evidence of history, politics, and news—particularly perspectives outside the corporate/institutional media structure—has become one of the most important challenges of our time. That’s impossible unless we take steps to prevent the past from disappearing.

Timing is critical. Media Burn is doing more to preserve and create access to independent perspectives than any other organization in the country.

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