Judith Binder

Description: Judith Binder’s contributions to videography and videomaking span her work as a videomaker as well as her role in CamNet, which she founded in 1992 alongside her partner, Nancy Cain. CamNet used Hi-8 camcorders and grassroots organisation to produce hourlong alternative news shows. Judith’s videographic work interacts directly with her subjects, featuring local politics, speaking engagements, and popular performance art. 

Our complete collection of Judith’s work can be found here.

Dates: 1990-2015

SubjectsFeminism, Gender Equality, American Politics, Urban Life, Political Protest, Performance Art, Feminist Performance Art, Experimental Drama, Performance, Habitat for Humanity

People: Judith Binder, Nancy Cain

Selected Videography: 

CamNet Episode 701

CamNet Episode 702

CamNet Episode 1302

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