10/27/22: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: Early SIGGRAPH Art Shows, 1981-1985

Three pioneers of computer-generated art, Darcy Gerbarg, Copper Frances Giloth, and Louise Ledeen, discussed and showed their work with Dr. Cynthia Goodman.

A full replay of the October 27 event

On Thursday, October 27th, at 11 am Central Time, Media Burn Archive hosted some of the earliest artists and curators of the SIGGRAPH art exhibitions: Darcy GerbargCopper Frances Giloth, and Louise Ledeen. It was moderated by Dr. Cynthia Goodman, museum director and curator.

First held in Boulder, Colorado in 1974, the SIGGRAPH Conferences have become one of the most widely recognized showcases of computer graphics and interactive technology. Beginning in 1979, the SIGGRAPH conferences began to feature computer and video artists’ work, giving rise to what would eventually become the SIGGRAPH art exhibition. Female artists were early adopters of these graphic technologies and instrumental in organizing the early art exhibitions.

This event is part of a series focused on female video artists coordinated by Media Burn Archive with Helena Shaskevich, Graduate Center, CUNY.

Continue reading to learn more about the artists:


Darcy Gerbarg, a Pioneer Digital Artist employing digital technologies and traditional Fine Art techniques, since 1979. She is a Techspressionist Painter, creating Artworks in 3DVR: AR and VR, Interactive, Immersive Environments, MR Sculpture. She is currently showing her latest AR Enhanced Paintings on Canvas. Gerbarg exhibits virtual Artworks, as well as works on canvas, paper, and ceramics in Art Museums, Art Fairs, and Art Galleries. Her work is held in private and public Art collections.


“My professional career has always been at the intersection of art and technology. Starting in the 1970s creating art with analog video synthesizers, curating video and computer graphic technology-based art exhibitions and doing Media Arts panel work for the NEA and NYSCA. In these early days of synthesizing reality, I found It fascinating to see what different cultures were bringing to the genesis of this new art form.” — Louise Ledeen


Copper Giloth is an artist and a professor emerita from the University of Massachusetts. She chaired the 1982 and 83 SIGGRAPH exhibitions of computer-based art. Her current work is a virtual reality reconstruction of a 17th century labyrinth at Versailles.


Cynthia Goodman, Ph.D. has served as museum director and curator, multimedia director and producer, as well as educator. From the early 1980’s, when she contributed an essay on “Art and Technology: Bridging the Gap in the Computer Age”, for the first SIGGRAPH Art Show catalog, she championed the use of the computer as an artistic tool long before her museum colleagues were ready to do so. Former Director of the IBM Gallery of Science and Art, NY, she organized the landmark Computers and Art travelling exhibition. Dr. Goodman has organized numerous computer art exhibitions as well as written and lectured extensively on the field.

Read an in-depth history of the SIGGRAPH shows here: https://mediaburn.org/arts-culture/image-processing/early-siggraph-art-shows-1981-1985/



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