8/3/23: Virtual Talks with Video Activists: Beyondmedia’s Women and Prison Program

Join us for a screening of two documentaries produced by Beyondmedia Education followed by a discussion with three of the creators.

A full replay of the August 3 event.

Join us for a screening of excerpts from Turning a Corner and Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo with Brenda Myers-Powell, Joanne Archibald, and Diana Delgado.

Turning a Corner (2007) and Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo (2004) were produced by Beyondmedia Education’s Women and Prison Program. In this program, incarcerated women and girls, former prisoners, and their families used media arts to voice their stories, promote public dialogue, healing, and community organizing.

Brenda Myers-Powell, Joanne Archibald, and Diana Delgado were all participants in the media arts workshops facilitated by Beyondmedia’s Women and Prison program and held central roles in the making of these two films.


Brandy Baldwin films Lucretia Clay with camcorder for “Turning a Corner”


About Beyondmedia Education’s Women and Prison Program

The Women and Prison program was Beyondmedia’s first project, forming out of response to the conditions of the 1990s where rates of women incarcerated dramatically increased. For a number of years, Beyondmedia worked on a series of projects that drew attention to women’s incarceration, working closely with other community organizations like Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM), treatment and re-entry programs, and restorative justice programs. The first video produced from the Women and Prison program in 2000 was made in partnership with CLAIM’s Visible Voices program and the women of Grace House, titled What We Leave Behind. The video focused on educating young women and girls to the harsh realities of life in prison. Beyondmedia collaborated with CLAIM again to produce a second film, Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo, released in 2004. Through the Women and Prison program, Beyondmedia began working with Prostitution Alternatives Round Table (PART) and produced the documentary, Turning a Corner in 2007 which told stories of people involved in Chicago’s sex trade in an effort to raise awareness of the issue and system injustices to promote reforms. 

Turning a Corner

Created in a media activism workshop with over a dozen members of Prostitution Alternatives Round Table (PART), this groundbreaking film recounts their survival and triumph over homelessness, violence and discrimination, and gives rare insights into Chicago’s sex trade industry. In the film, the women return to locations where they experienced traumatic and transformative moments in their lives and retold their stories as a way to bring public awareness and personal healing. 

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 1.55.14 PM

Pamela Thomas and others during a spoken word performance at Las Manos Gallery in Chicago

Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo 

In March 2004, Beyondmedia collaborated with their longtime partner, Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM), to produce Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo, a series of art & education events on women and girls’ incarceration and its impact on families at Las Manos Gallery in Chicago. The event aimed to give voice to imprisoned women and girls through visual art, media, written and spoken word, and critical dialogue. This project featured Beyondmedia’s multimedia installation that recreates a prison cell through the eyes of its female prisoners together with live performances by former prisoners, an exhibition of art by women and girls in prison and an audio installation with family members of incarcerated women. In the film, a group of formerly incarcerated women share their stories from painful early life experiences, entering the prison system, to life after being released from prison. 

Watch Turning a Corner and Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo, in full, here: 

Turning a Corner

Voices in Time: Lives in Limbo

Beyondmedia Education was founded in 2000 by filmmaker Salome Chasnoff. The non profit organization was active from 2000-2013.

Watch Salome Chasnoff’s previous virtual talk with Media Burn here: https://mediaburn.org/events/10-29-20-virtual-talk-with-video-activists-salome-chasnoff/

Visit our biography/videography page on Beyondmedia Education

To learn more about Beyondmedia Education visit http://beyondmedia.org/index.html 

See also: https://www.womenandprison.org/

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