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  • Conventions 72

    Conventions 72

    This tape features a portion of the Group W national broadcast version of TVTV’s 1972 convention coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. (Separately produced as two 60 minute programs: “The World’s Largest TV Studio” on the DNC and “Four More Years” on the RNC.) It includes 45 minutes of FMY and 10 minutes of WLTVS, in addition to providing context for the way the television audience viewed the highly influential programs, including the introduction and commercials. This footage was the first independent video ever shown on national television.

  • The Prime Time Survey, page 43

    Page 43 of The Prime Time Survey by TVTV. Has a picture of Doug Michels with a Portapak from the 1972 Conventions and talks about the future of video technology.

  • [Vietnam Veterans Against The War clips]

    [Vietnam Veterans Against The War clips]

    Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. Watch the full version of Four More Years at TVTVNow: http://www.tvtvnow.com/ Clips of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War from “Four More Years” by TVTV. The Veterans, led by Ron Kovic, were protesting the war in Miami Beach in conjunction with the 1972 Republican National Convention.

  • TVTV Covers Millennium ’73

    Proposal and production plan for “Peace Bomb Explosion,” a documentary covering the Millennium ’73 event held by the Divine Light Mission.  The documentary was eventually renamed “Lord of the Universe.” 

  • A Serialized History of Television: Past, Present, and Future (A Treatment for VISIONS)

    Proposal for TV series called Super Vision – “a serialized history of television” that takes place in the future.  Includes descriptions of the first five episodes, production schedule, and budget.

  • Fast Forward proposal

    Proposal for a partnership between TVTV and WTTW for a series of six-one hour programs focusing on current events.  Includes proposed budget.

  • [Billy and Brian Murray at the Super Bowl]

    [Billy and Brian Murray at the Super Bowl]

    Raw and unused footage from “TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl.” This tape features footage of Bill Murray and his brother Brian at the 1976 Super Bowl. Bill pretends to be an odd Dallas Cowboys’ super fan who wondered onto the field before the game. This tape also includes footage of interviews for the show “Chicago Slices.”

  • Lord Of The Universe

    Lord Of The Universe

    This video is for personal/educational use only. More info at TVTVNow: //www.tvtvnow.com/

    Produced by video pioneers TVTV, this video won the prestigious Columbia-duPont award for documentaries. It explores the mystery of Guru Maharaj Ji, the sixteen-year-old leader of a cult-like new age group, the Divine Light Mission (DLM), known to his followers as “The Lord of the Universe.” The video investigates the Guru’s opulent living conditions and the secrecy surrounding his teachings, as well as portraying the dissolution of the 1960s counterculture towards the close of the Vietnam War. It chronicles a gathering of his followers at Houston’s Astrodome in 1974 as they wait for its promised levitation, and features interviews with devotee Rennie Davis and skeptic Abbie Hoffman.

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