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  • TVTV, a group shot at the pool in collective house, 1972. L to R: Curtis Schreier, Michael Couzens, Jody Siebert, Mickey Shamberg, Megan Williams, Allen Rucker, Anda Korsts, Tom Weinberg. Steve Christiansen, Wendy Appel, T.L. Morey, Hudson Marquez, Maureen Orth, Martha Coolidge, Skip Blumberg, Chip Lord, Nancy Cain (on raft.) Photo by Doug Michels.

    Golden Anniversary of Guerrilla Television!

    Video art and video documentary began in the mid-1960s, but the first shots of the TV/Video revolution can be traced back to 1972. The summer of 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of TVTV and the Guerrilla Television movement. It was the start of a radical, exciting new form of documentary that critiqued and questioned mainstream television. Seen by a small number of viewers all over America, it invented new ways to make television and changed what television could look like. […]

  • TVTV Super Vision

    TVTV Super Vision

    TVTV’s satirical Super Vision recreates pivitol moments in the history of television, and stars comedy legends Harold Ramis and John Belushi very early in their careers.

  • Welfare TV

    Welfare TV

    00:02 Color bars.  00:57 A clip from the TV show Dragnet, from the 1967 episode “The Prophet.” Sgt. Joe Friday delivers a lengthy monologue to a suspect about the use of drugs and about the naiveté and laziness of youth. An argument about conformity between Friday and the suspect. “They’re not asking to be left alone. They’re asking for a handout! If they really believe what you say they believe, they’d do something about it besides panhandle in the streets and […]

  • Free Lunch

    Free Lunch

    TVTV demo for a show where they take high profile guests out for lunch.

  • [Joe Cruz tennis shop]

    [Joe Cruz tennis shop]

    Exterior TVTV headquarters (aka Joe Cruz tennis shop), San Francisco.

  • TVTV: Diary of the Video Guerrillas

    TVTV: Diary of the Video Guerrillas

    00:00 Countdown.  Short clips from several TVTV programs, including “Four More Years,” “Lord of the Universe,” “Adland,” “The Iranian Embassy,” “The Good Times are Killing Me,” “Superbowl,” “TVTV looks at the Oscars,” “Hard Rain,” “Super Vision,” and “The TVTV Show.” 2:02 Charles Allen, the Senior Vice President at KCET talks about the history and effects of television. He introduces the group, True Value Television (TVTV) and six team members that they will be speaking with during this program. “TVTV: Diary […]

  • Worldwide: The Recording Revolution

    Worldwide: The Recording Revolution

    00:00 Episode Title 00:08 “Tuxedo Center” Owner of the tuxedo center talks about the amount of business they get during the Academy Awards. Intro to Worldwide Tonight about the camera work done for the Oscars. Several celebrity nominees are named and introduced. Cameraman talks to a woman about her outfit. Narrator discusses trying to get people to act natural in front of the camera. A True Value TV (TVTV) cameraman describes the equipment they use. They play TVTV’s special about […]



    Documentary about the pioneering guerrilla television group, TVTV.

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