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  • Welfare TV

    00:02 Color bars.  00:57 Camera opens on a TV program by TVTV. Two men argue about societal problems in a scripted show. The conversation moves to the use of marijuana and other recreational drugs.  9:30 The two men walk out of the house together.  9:50 Cut to shaky footage of two people from TVTV speaking about the program. They sit and watch some news footage. Difficult to hear all audio, and the camera remains focused on the two people. 13:12 … Continue reading

  • Free Lunch

    TVTV demo for a show where they take high profile guests out for lunch. Continue reading

  • [Joe Cruz tennis shop]

    Exterior TVTV headquarters (aka Joe Cruz tennis shop), San Francisco. Continue reading

  • TVTV: Diary of the Video Guerrillas

    00:00 Countdown.  Short clips from several TVTV programs, including “Four More Years,” “Lord of the Universe,” “Adland,” “The Iranian Embassy,” “The Good Times are Killing Me,” “Superbowl,” “TVTV looks at the Oscars,” “Hard Rain,” “Super Vision,” and “The TVTV Show.” 2:02 Charles Allen, the Senior Vice President at KCET talks about the history and effects of television. He introduces the group, True Value Television (TVTV) and six team members that they will be speaking with during this program. “TVTV: Diary … Continue reading

  • Worldwide: The Recording Revolution

    00:00 Episode Title 00:08 “Tuxedo Center” Owner of the tuxedo center talks about the amount of business they get during the Academy Awards. Intro to Worldwide Tonight about the camera work done for the Oscars. Several celebrity nominees are named and introduced. Cameraman talks to a woman about her outfit. Narrator discusses trying to get people to act natural in front of the camera. A True Value TV (TVTV) cameraman describes the equipment they use. They play TVTV’s special about … Continue reading


    00:00 Camera opens on the introductory sequence for VTR. Host Russel Connor introduces the program on TV, video, and video art. He discusses the need for a program on the art of TV, mentioning Nam June Paik as a video artist. He shows a model of a video tape recorder, and then discusses the advancement of video technology as well as the progression of video as an art form. He gives an overview of the program, introducing the group Top … Continue reading

  • What’s News at the 1972 political conventions work tape

    What’s News at the 1972 political conventions work tape

    Rough cut of an edit of interviews with journalists shot by TVTV for Four More Years and World’s Largest TV Studio, which covered, respectively, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions of 1972. Continue reading

  • TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl

    TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl

    A behind-the-scenes documentary about the events and personalities surrounding Super Bowl X in Miami between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. Features intimate portraits of the players and the CBS personnel who broadcast the events of Super Bowl week. Produced with multiple lightweight video cameras in TVTV style, it is both informative and revealing of the extremes surrounding football culture and hype.

    Watch the full version of TVTV Goes To The Super Bowl at TVTVNow: http://www.tvtvnow.com/ Continue reading