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  • Bill Wade #1

    Bill Wade #1

    Raw interview footage in Nashville, TN with Bil Wade, former quarterback for the Chicago Bears, who started in their 1963 world championship season.

  • Fats #5

    Fats #5

    Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone, the legendary pool player, performs trick pool shots and gives insight into his philosophy on the game of pool. Comprised of one long take, Fats performs his famous “Railroad Shot” in addition to other trick shots for which he’s become renowned. Fats also describes into his own playing style and explains other types of pool games that he’s come into contact with over the years.

  • [Once a Star raw: Minnesota Fats #1]

    [Once a Star raw: Minnesota Fats #1]

    An interview with revered pool hustler, Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone. With tales from his life, Fats recalls his illustrious career as a pool player and card shark, describing the places he’s visited around the world, how he earned the “Minnesota Fats” moniker, and a time when he was able to draw over 300,000 people to watch him play pool. It was shot for the documentary Once a Star.

  • Fats #2

    Fats #2

    In this segment of an interview with Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone, the revered pool player reflects on some of the more personal details of his career. Discussing his beginnings as a 7 year old pool player, his personal relationships with celebrities, and his input on the 1961 film, “The Hustler”, Fats gives insight into an adventurous (if unconventional) life as a pool legend.

  • Fats #3

    Fats #3

    Another part of an interview with the renowned pool playing master, Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanerone. In this section of the interview, Fats discusses his personal philosophies on pool and on life, sharing stories about his own philanthropic exploits as well as his dissension regarding present ways of thinking.

  • Fats #4

    Fats #4

    Famed pool player Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone is interviewed, telling about the most recent tribulations in his life, including his recent divorce and move to Nashville. Fats shares his feelings on his divorce trial, which he believes was unfair to him, as well as the people he’s helped that he feels have been ungrateful. This is followed by two clips of Fats playing his rival Willie Mosconi in a televised pool match.

  • Fats #6

    Fats #6

    In this segment of b-roll with Rudolf “Minnesota Fats” Wanderone, the larger-than-life pool player shoots around a pool table while giving insight into his personal philosophy. Showing off his incredible abilities on the table, Fats also attempts trick shots and demonstrates his unique playing style.

  • [Once a Star raw: Bill Wade #2]

    [Once a Star raw: Bill Wade #2]

    Interview with former football player Bill Wade, the quarterback for the Bears’ 1963 Championship team. Wade, standing in a suit and tie across from his current place of work, comments on the 1985 Chicago Bears team and offers his thoughts on the philosophy of football, staying in shape, and his time on the Bears. Following the interview are clips from the Bears’ historic 1963 season. Shot for the documentary Once A Star.

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