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  • VITO

    A poem about Vito Marzullo, the former Alderman of the 25th ward, who is described as “the last of the old time machine politicians.”

  • Richard J. Daley Democrat Ticket

    A fake Democrat ticket.  This document looks to be a campaign poster, endorsing several candidates for several positions, but upon closer inspection, Richard J. Daley is in fact endorsed for everything, including all the Sanitary District Trustees.  Very Funny!

  • Finished Tapes by Chicago Area Videomakers

    “Finished Tapes by Chicago Area Videomakers”

  • Neighborhood TV Proposal

    Proposal for Neighborhood TV; includes a financial plan, objectives & goals, time frame and 5 appendices having to do mostly with taxes.  The last appendix is Tedwilliam Theodore’s resume.

  • A Serialized History of Television: Past, Present, and Future (A Treatment for VISIONS)

    Proposal for TV series called Super Vision – “a serialized history of television” that takes place in the future.  Includes descriptions of the first five episodes, production schedule, and budget.

  • Fast Forward proposal

    Proposal for a partnership between TVTV and WTTW for a series of six-one hour programs focusing on current events.  Includes proposed budget.

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