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  • John Reilly, 1939-2013

    John Reilly, 1939-2013

    On July 28, 2013, video pioneer John Reilly died at the age of 74, but his contributions to independent video nationwide will live on. Back in 1969, Reilly and Rudi Stern co-founded Global Village in New York, one of the first places to watch independent “underground” video. It eventually expanded into an annual video festival that lasted 15 years. Reilly produced and directed several video documentaries; two of the best-known are “The Irish Tapes” (1971-74) with Stefan Moore and “Waiting […]

  • Ballad of A.J. Weberman

    Ballad of A.J. Weberman

    Writer, Bob Dylan enthusiast, and coiner of the term “Dylanology,” A.J. Weberman sorts through Dylan’s garbage outside of his New York apartment in order to explain his methods of gathering and interpreting Dylan data. Bookended by David Peel & The Lower East Side playing “The Ballad of A.J. Weberman.”

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