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  • El Crucero (English)

    El Crucero (English)

    In September 1984, director Julia Lesage visited a coffee plantation with Nicaraguan camerawomen, Amina Luna and Miriam Carrero, and organizers from the ATC, the Nicaraguan salaried farm workers’ union. El Crucero gives an in-depth picture of that farm. The tape is organized in four “movements,” each in a different documentary style, to capture different aspects of life and politics on that farm. The use of different documentary styles provokes a reflection on how the US media convey information about other countries and cultures.

  • Farmers protest at the Chicago Board of Trade

    Farmers protest at the Chicago Board of Trade

    It’s not obvious from the outside, but the videotapes sitting in your closets, attic, and basement are quietly deteriorating inside their cassettes. The time when programs shot on 1/2″, U-matic, and Hi-8mm are totally unrecoverable is coming much sooner than you’d probably expect. Every day, Media Burn works against the clock to restore and transfer the diverse body of work created on videotape so that these programs can live on and be seen by people around the world. We recently […]

  • [The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape #96 – Farm and rural]

    [The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape #96 – Farm and rural]

    Eddie Tape #96. Farm and rural. Interviews with representatives from Political Research Associates, Rural America Community Transportation Association, Congress’s Office of Technology Assessment, American Farmland Trust, and the National Farmers Union.

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