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  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    A video exploration of the meaning of ‘the good life’ in the lives of six ordinary people whose paths intersect at a maximum security prison, including an anti-nuclear activist, the Warden and his wife, and two inmates — one African American, the other Hispanic — both ‘lifers’. Continue reading

  • Giving Birth

    Giving Birth

    An examination of American birthing traditions through portraits of the experiences of four contemporary couples. Includes interviews with Margaret Mead, Frederick Leboyer and Elizabeth Bing. Continue reading

  • Lifestyles: An Experiment in Feedback

    Lifestyles: An Experiment in Feedback

    Two families explore their lives and test underlying beliefs by using video feedback. A striking feminist documentary using the power of a new technology. (Not in distribution) Continue reading

  • The Irish Tapes

    The Irish Tapes

    The Irish Tapes was one of the first major video documentaries produced with 1/2-inch portable equipment. From 1971 to 1973, John Reilly and Stefan Moore shot over one hundred hours of footage in Northern Ireland, profiling one of the most volatile and violent moments in the decades-long conflict from the vantage point of those who lived through and remembered it. Includes rare interviews with members of the Provisional IRA, individuals suffering from unrelenting violence in Belfast and Irish-American perspectives on “The Troubles.” Originally shown as a three-channel, twelve-monitor installation at Global Village. Edited and kinescoped for broadcast by WNET in 1975. Permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music 2014, Lincoln Center, 2013. Continue reading

  • John Reilly, 1939-2013

    John Reilly, 1939-2013

    On July 28, 2013, video pioneer John Reilly died at the age of 74, but his contributions to independent video nationwide will live on. Back in 1969, Reilly and Rudi Stern co-founded Global Village in New York, one of the first places to watch independent “underground” video. It eventually expanded into an annual video festival that lasted 15 years. Reilly produced and directed several video documentaries; two of the best-known are “The Irish Tapes” (1971-74) with Stefan Moore and “Waiting … Continue reading

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