[Chicano Mexican Speech, Martha Rodriguez and Jose De Molina]

Cultural event. Jose de Molina at very end. Priscilla, then Marth, then Jose de M.

0:36Copy video clip URL The videotape begins zoomed in on the Puerto Rican flag. The video pans to show the banners hung around the room. 

2:13Copy video clip URL The audio for the videotape begins. The speaker talks about their stance against the repression by the federal grand jury.

5:42Copy video clip URL A woman speaks on behalf of the Chicano Mexican’s who voice their experiences of colonization, racism, exploitation, manipulation, cultural, psychological, and physical genocide. 

9:58Copy video clip URL The video turns black but audio is heard.

11:00Copy video clip URL The video returns. A woman talks about how institutions such as organized labor, public schools and churches failed the Chicano Mexican community by preventing upward mobility and creating the attitudes of oppression encouraging complacency in exploitation.

16:03Copy video clip URL Martha Rodriguez is called to the stage. She sings the song called “La Carta,” by Violeta Parra. Other artists follow.



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