Apogee #1

Film footage for "Wired In," a series on technology in the early 80's.  In this tape, Jay Fager, who operates a 7-11 store in Hollywood, California, speaks about the influx of video game machines in convenience stores.  This is followed by a computer graph with explanation by a software developer. 

00:00Copy video clip URL Color Bars and intro voice over.

00:55Copy video clip URL Inside a 7 Eleven in West Hollywood, with various shots of the store.

01:30Copy video clip URL Interview with Jay Fager inside the store near the corner where the video games are set up.  Sounds of someone playing Ms. Pac Man in the background.  Jay says that video games have been a boost to the economy and that they are a good way for people to use their time while they’re waiting for their laundry or other things.  He claims that video games represent 2% of the profits in convenience stores in Southern California.

04:33Copy video clip URL He says that kids used to spend all their money on candy before, but now they may be learning more and are healthier because they are playing games instead.

06:10Copy video clip URL He claims that having video games enables a business owner to hire and train an extra person in their business.  He says that he has never played a video game, but they’re good for business.

07:40Copy video clip URL Cut to shot of Pac Man hats sitting on a rack for sale in the store.

08:10Copy video clip URL Cut to color bars

09:08Copy video clip URL Cut to computer screen creating graphs, with voice over explanation of this “Graphic Display of Move” by woman.  She tells of her education and career path, explaining how she got into software development.

13:02Copy video clip URL End of Tape



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