Apogee #3

Film footage for "Wired In" a series on technology in the early 80's. In this tape, we finish an interview with John Dykstra, who produces special effects at Apogee.  He speaks about the process of filming special effects and how technology has advanced the ability to film special effects with miniatures and ultimately to tell stories that have never been told before.

00:20Copy video clip URL John continues interview over color bars on screen.

01:17Copy video clip URL Image of John comes in as he begins to speak about where this technology is leading.  He says that the ultimate direction is that people will be able to tell stories on their own.  He points out that these effects allow a fantasy world to be created that have never been done before.

04:10Copy video clip URL “The story of this business is about ingenuity.”  He  calls this work fun and that the best part of it is that it feels like a family and that the bottom line is not only about the “almighty dollar,” but is generally about pride in the final product.

06:05Copy video clip URL He agrees that there are only a limited number of people who do this work, but that the machine is not the answer because the camera is only a tool just like in any film making.

07:15Copy video clip URL Conversation wraps up, and filming continues of John doing his work filming scenes of a miniature version of the Millenium Falcon for Star Wars.

09:23Copy video clip URL Cut to another person who is constructing a model airplane for use in filming special effects.  He explains that this particular model is going to be used to film an explosion and describes some of the detail as to how they produce this particular effect.

11:35Copy video clip URL Another gentleman approaches, shirtless, but wearing a large hat shaped like an ice cream sundae.  He laughs, saying, “Everything is miniature here.  Even our minds.”

12:20Copy video clip URL This is followed by various shots of model space ships, including the X Wing fighter from Star Wars. There are also shots of people constructing these models in the shop.

14: 30 Cut to shots outside the studio, including the entry way and a small sign on the wall reading “Apogee Incorporated.”

16:01Copy video clip URL End of Tape



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