Carol Marin at the DuPont Awards, January 21st, 1999

Short clips of winning series/documentaries at the DuPont awards

1:04Copy video clip URL The Video opens to a broadcasting. Carol Marin accepts the Silver Baton award, then gives a thank you speech.

3:05Copy video clip URL Who Poisoned the Children, 60 minutes episode, is introduced. Glycerin was the replacement in medicines which poisoned children.

5:12Copy video clip URL Mike Wallace accepts award, then gives a thank you speech. 

6:36Copy video clip URL The series Strip Searched introduced. Customs at O’Hare airport conducted a number of strip searches, more than 50 black women stepped forward to share their experience. In search of drugs on or inside of the body. None found. Tagged for “fitting the profile.”

9:14Copy video clip URL Renee Ferguson accepts the award for the series, then gives a thank you speech.

11:20Copy video clip URL The series Taken in – the lives of America’s foster children introduced. Child welfare decided it was in the best interest for siblings to enter the foster care system after their parents were charged with child neglect. 

12:59Copy video clip URL Vanessa Ross accepts the silver baton and gives a thank you speech. 

16:26Copy video clip URL The series Coma introduced. A young boy fully recovers from a car accident that left him in a coma. 

18:18Copy video clip URL Paula Absol, executive producer, accepts the gold baton for NOVA, then gives a thank you speech.

21:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.





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