Check, Please!, episode 101

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Check, Please! is a show where ordinary Chicagoans meet to discuss local restaurants. Each guest chooses his or her favorite restaurant for the other guests to attend, and all come back to discuss their experiences.

0:00 Check, Please! opening. Host: Amanda Puck. Guests are: Lee Glazer, suburban artist, Pete McCarville, hipster picture framer, and Dr. Andy Gaweco, physician.

1:52 Gaweco’s choice: Blackbird (619 W. Randolph). Koren Grieveson, sous chef, talks about the restaurant. A shot from the news briefly cuts in. Dr. Andy loved the food, but Pete thought it was too loud and the crowd was too old. Glazer says the place “made her feel ancient”, because it was too noisy. Dr. Andy says it was not too noisy, it is jovial and friendly. Everyone loved the food, however.

8:54 Restaurant terms: toque.

9:20 Pete’s choice: Earwax Cafe (1564 N Milwaukee – restaurant has since moved down the street). Aaron White, manager, tells us about the restaurant. They have all vegan desserts. Pete likes the atmosphere and the food and the coffee, it is quick and open late. He thinks the place is very unique, plus, he likes the wide selection of vegan and vegetarian places. Dr. Andy hated the place. He thought the place was run-down, he had bad service, and had bad espresso. He says there are much better cafes in Wicker Park for the same price. Lee liked the funky atmosphere, but not the food. Her family did not like it at all. Pete thinks the place is “quote-un-quote: punk rock.”

16:25 Restaurant facts: Chicago area restaurants.

16:43 Lee’s choice: Sushi Kushi Toyo (Lake Forest). Owner talks about the restaurant. Lee claims she has eaten there 80-100 times, and she has l oved it every single time. People seemed to like it, but not as much as Lee.

23:55 Puck sums up the show.

25:20 End credits.

26:30 End of tape.



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