“Comic Relief” by Ira Schneider

Ira Schneider constructed this 45-minute compilation of his works for an event hosted by Media Burn in the summer of 2020.

“Comic Relief” is a compilation prepared by Ira Schneider for screening at an event hosted by Media Burn Archive in the summer of 2020. As part of an effort to explore the power of video, Media Burn hosted Schneider in a digital format to screen and discuss his works as a videomaker. “Comic Relief” contains the following of Schneider’s works:

  1. The Fourth of July in Saugerties 1973 
  2. I’d Rather Be Half Right Than Vice President (1968) 
  3. Tex-Mex (1975)
  4. The World Trade Center (1989)
  5. Nam June Paik is Eating Sushi in South Beach (Miami, Florida) (1998)
  6. A Small Fly Eyeing a Dab of Coconut Cream (2017)
  7. Schneider Marries His SONYa (1999)
  8. H2O #3.5 (2008)
  9. Breaking News: An Information Collage (2017)
  10. 200 Years In The Remaking (2014)



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