[David Halberstam on the Tomorrow Show]

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0:00 Tom Snyder introduces David Halberstam who has just written a book on corruption and manipulation in sports, focusing specifically on the Portland Trailblazers.  Halberstam talks about Bill Webb’s story with the Portland Trailblazers, and the unique team-player style of basketball as a game. He discusses the danger of players identifying themselves by their salaries.

7:23 Snyder and Halberstam discuss the position of owners in sports.

9:40 Synder and Halberstam discuss the corrupting effect of television. “It lets things grow too quickly beyond its natural roots.” Halberstam mentions the special truth of television’s corruption especially in the fields of politics and sports.

13:20 Halberstam talks about his career in journalism. Halberstam discusses the interplay of white and black players on the Trailblazers. A cameraman laughs and Tom Snyder scolds him on camera before Halberstam returns to his discussion.

18:09 Snyder signs off segment.

18:25 An old man talks about living as a tramp and his family’s lack of acceptance of his lifestyle.

22:15 Old ex-hobo talks about the post-civil-war history of the tramp lifestyle.

30:26 End of tape.



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