[Dusty Rose Natural Hot Spring Ranch – Operation Desert Shield protest]

About half of this is a home video of filmmaker Judith Binder visiting a hot spring area in the US Southwest in the interest of buying property there. The other half of this video is footage of an anti-war protest that happens near Los Angeles in the '90s to get US troops out of Iraq (Operation Desert Shield).

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on hilly scenic country in what is probably the United States Southwest. The camera moves around a fenced property.

4:49Copy video clip URL Camera pulls up to a sign announcing “Dusty Rose Natural Hot Spring Ranch.” There are more scenic shots.

6:45Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of a man presumably on the ranch and they talk for a bit. He seems to be a real estate agent and they seem to be looking for property to buy. Judith Binder, and her friend Nancy Cain are looking to buy property.

18:14Copy video clip URL Switch to a very dark shot and then Binder and her friend visit a man in his hot spring home. They tour his house which has ambient Native American music and incense. There are some very dark shots at times.

36:45Copy video clip URL Open on shot of a hot air balloon in the sky and Binder saying “Welcome to Solana Beach.” She is in some sort of meeting place with other people around New Year’s Eve. It may be the setup for a mass or a similar spiritual service.

43:17Copy video clip URL Quick shot of the moon and then another quick switch.

43:28Copy video clip URL Binder is filming a woman at the Demonstration Against our Involvement in Operation Desert Shield (Gulf War). At this point it looks very much like an outdoors festival with live music. There are such slogans as “No blood for oil, troops out now,” and “Bush wants war, we want peace, US out of the Middle East.” There are songs sung around these themes of no war in the middle east.

55:56Copy video clip URL Anti-war activist Ron Kovic addresses the crowd.

1:04:12Copy video clip URL A different speaker from the National Chicano Moratorium Committee advocates ending the war in Iraq and also that the US return southern lands to Mexico.

1:11:16Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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