Essentially Elementary

Pleasant images of nature accompanied by the new age music of Dean and Dudley Evenson and Cyrille Verdeaux.

00:03Copy video clip URL Brief image of a wave crashing.

00:26 Essentially Elementary title card. 

00:34Copy video clip URL A hang glider wafts through a canyon, accompanied by Cyrille Verdeaux’s “Astral Journey.” More hang gliders appear. 

03:47Copy video clip URL Brief interruption in the video, after which the hang gliding continues. Images of the hang gliders alternate with images of birds and kites. 

11:37Copy video clip URL Abstractions and the play of light and color. Dudley Evenson sways back and forth on the beach, her image multiplied through video effects. Children play on the beach. Footage of waves. 

19:27Copy video clip URL Dudley Evenson runs back and forth with the tide as the waves crash in front of her. Footage of waves and the shoreline.  

28:00Copy video clip URL Deer in the grass near the beach. The shoreline and trees in the fog. Shots of nature. Dean and Dudley Evenson’s “Desert Dawn Song” plays. 

34:40Copy video clip URL People doing Tai Chi. Images of Dudley Evenson in nature, sometimes abstracted with video effects. 

40:28Copy video clip URL End credits. 



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