Image Union: Human Hair

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Produced as part of the Chicago Editing Center's Artist-in-Residence program, the tape is a loosely connected experimental piece that borders most often on documentary. Cain and Friedman reference important issues of the day, such as the gasoline shortage and the meltdown at Three Mile Island. The tone of the tape is very light and often humorous.

0:00 Image Union Opening.

0:44 Bart Friedman and Nancy Cain send greetings from Woodstock as they make a journey to Chicago and the Chicago Editing Center. They stop at a hotel in Pennysylvania.

1:58 Shots from the car as the two drive to Chicago.

2:47 Friedman at payphone at Congress and Wells calling the Editing Center.

3:10 Cain reads news report about a nuclear accident.

3:25 Real report where the reporter mistakenly attributes the accident at Three Mile Island to human hair instead of human error.

3:34 Cain and Friedman at sight of a fire at Racine and Clyborn. At Palestine Kosher Red Hots and Sausage next door, people continue to eat, despite the fact that the building next door is burning down completely. They try to interview the firefighters, who are completely reticent, only telling them that the fire was started by a match.

5:27 Friedman interviews men who are salvaging bricks from the wreckage of the fire. These men do not corroborate the report that the fire was started by a match.

6:32 Cain and Friedman at an industrial site where scrap metal is being taken out of a giant pile with a giant magnet and put on a barge. Cain talks about capitalism and about having to give her thumbprint to cash a check.

9:04 Shots from inside a car. Driving around downtown Chicago. Voiceover talks about the insanity of Daley’s plan to build an airport on Lake Michigan. She talks about her plan to go on top of the Sears Tower and look out at the whole city.

11:27 Woman on top of the Sears Tower makes a phone call. Its too foggy to see much of anything out of the windows. She talks about the trip up the elevator being frightening and about the building saying something to her about the power of people with money.

13:27 43rd and Lake Park. One Stop Food and Liquors. Cain talks to security guard about a problem in the parking lot.

14:08 Inside store with owner Nick Kladis. He talks about opening the store in 1965 and about problems with riots in those years. He says that part of the store’s success is that he is good at buying his inventory. He talks about the large amount of ribs they will sell this week.

15:45 On the floor of the store. People buy things. A man takes us into the back meat room. The man claims that it is impossible to keep the room clean during the course of the day. We talk to a man about how many ribs were sold that day.

18:00 We talk to some customers about their purchases.

19:56 Cain in front of murals gives health advice.

20:33 Friedman dons protective clothing and dances like a robot on the street with children.

21:03 Friedman interviews man on the street about whether he has been exposed to anything in his career. The man is strangely cagey. The man then claims that the worst part of living in Chicago is noise pollution. He tells a long story about a man who used to honk his horn outside his building every morning. He has now started a campaign to educate the public about noise pollution.

23:50 Friedman talks to a man on the street whose mother has died.

24:25 Friedman and Cain read the labels of products at a health food store. They settle on buying a jinx remover.

25:40 Tape Credits.

26:14 Image Union Credits.

27:02 End of tape.



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