In Nobody’s Neighborhood

Gang Bang Violence in CHA Public Housing

0:40Copy video clip URL Video begins on a funeral service for a child.

2:40Copy video clip URL Two CHA police officers are interviewed. They talk about the violence that occurs in public housing.

4:15Copy video clip URL Gang leaders watch from below as officers conduct routine checks of abandon apartments. Five minutes later one gang leader is shot a few blocks away. An example of how fast things can change. 

10:10Copy video clip URL Police responding to a shooting. 

14:13Copy video clip URL Chief of the CHA Police Force interviewed.

15:45Copy video clip URL Half of those living in the CHA are children. All are under the age of 15 and three out of every four households are headed by a single mother.

16:55Copy video clip URL Carol Marin and her team run police reports for February 1993 to understand what kind of crime occurs. List of crime type.

23:50Copy video clip URL End of Tape. 





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