[Indian Point, April 1979]

Footage of protests against the Indian Point Energy Center, a nuclear power plant located just outside of New York City, followed by rehearsals of a scene featuring two actors.

00:05Copy video clip URL A crowd gathers at a protest against the use of nuclear power. Images of signs warning against the dangers of nuclear power. The crowd carries umbrellas in the rain. Speeches can be heard from offscreen. Occasional audio issues. 

04:50Copy video clip URL Footage of the edges of the crowd as they sing protest songs. “We shall not be moved.” 

08:52Copy video clip URL Footage from inside a truck. Several takes of a scripted scene in which an offscreen girl speaks with her father while he drives. They discuss why her mother didn’t come with them. “Ma isn’t sick, is she?”

15:27Copy video clip URL More rehearsals. The girl – an adult woman with her hair in pigtails – and her father continue their conversation, filmed inside on a bench as the man playing the father pretends to drive. 

26:04Copy video clip URL More takes. 



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