Jazz Shorts

A collection of jazz related short films.

0:29Copy video clip URL Honky Tonk Bud by Scott Laster.  Color film.  1986.  The description on the box reads: “A jazz-rap composition featuring the music of Chicago saxophonist/composer/arranger, Edward Wilkerson, Jr.  The subject is urban legend immortalized in the Black Oral tradition called ‘Toasting’: doggerel poems that chronicle characters from Black street mythology.  Starring John Toles-Bey as the Rap Narrator.”

12:07Copy video clip URL Bird Lives by Peter Bodge. 1977. An animated short featuring the music of Charlie Parker.

14:56Copy video clip URL Daybreak Express by D.A. Pennebaker. Color film. 1958. Images from a New York elevated train rhythmically edited to a score by Duke Ellington.

20:22Copy video clip URL Is That Jazz? by Robert Mugge. Color film. A live jazz performance by Gil Scott-Heron.


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