[Joe Cummings reel]

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A compilation of Joe Cummings clips from "The 90's."

0:00 Color bars, black.

0:48 90s Opening. 90s People.

1:16 Joe Cummings talks in a diner about television. He wants more real people on TV and less big shots. He talks about some regular people who are nice and asks why these people aren’t on television.

2:48 Joe Cummings introduces segment on the 90s about work.

3:09 Joe Cummings on satellite dishes.

3:22 American Way. Cummings at Target Masters in Orland Park. Women make up 60 percent of people learning to shoot guns. Interviews with women who are learning to shoot guns. They are real e xpert shooters.

5:40 View from airplane as it lands.

6:06 “Fontanos” from Image Union. People make sandwiches. Interview with Gilda Fontano. She has worke there for 53 years. As she slices tomoatoes, she talks about family responsibility and needing to work hard for one’s kids. Nello Fontano, her husband, talks about Gilda and how indespensible she is. They have been married 33 years. Gilda does not believe in divorce. She says only crazy people get divorced and that couples shouldn’t fight, they should talk. She says she’s always happy, but she can’t tell us why – eventually she says she has nice family, nice home, etc.

8:52 Nello shows us a fancy room in his house that his wife doesn’t let anyone go in. The husband has really never been in there. He says only two people have ever sat in those chairs. He talks about one time he was joking around sitting on those chairs with a friend and she threw them out of the house. Cummings insists on sitting down at the table. Man says he doesn’t even know what the room is for and jokes about charging admission to go in the room.

11:37 Nolan Panisak, “Mr Condom.” Seems to specialize in products sold out of vending machines in restrooms. He shows us a bunch of different condoms with vulgar pictures on them.

12:12 Shots of trucks.

12:15 At truck stop. Cummings interviews men at truck stops about those condom machines. First man says he is married so he doesn’t need those machines. Man in cowboy hat says he doesn’t trust anything you can buy for 50 cents. He prefers to buy them at drugstore and brings them with him on the road. Another man says his girlfriend buys their condoms. Another man is married. Nolan says truckers don’t buy codoms, it is the general public, because truckers don’t generally sleep around while they are on the road. He shows us other products, such at love drops, some sort of flavored product that can be put on the body. He claims he even uses the love drops in sundaes.

14:37 American Way. Mukwonago, WI. Christmas train arriving with Santa and Mrs. Claus. People stand outside, watching the train and waiting to talk to Santa. Man drinks PBR. Cummings asks kid what he wants for Christmas. He wants a choo-choo-train. When talking to Santa, he admits that what he wants is a real train. Cummings says he belives in Santa. The train goes by with whole float of Christmas characters and decorations. Cummings interviews people about Santa. The town Christmas tree is lit. Cummings is excited that he shook hands with Santa.

18:09 Cummings reads letters to the 90s from around the country. People seem to love the 90s, with a small number of people who wrote in to complain about specific segments that they did not enjoy. Credits.

20:50 End of tape.



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