[Jovan/Stones tape #1]

0:00 Color bars for Jovan tape #1, Rock News.

0:24Copy video clip URL A management person from Jovan talks about how they came to be involved in promotion for a Rolling Stones U.S. tour. They talk about having the same approach and customer base as a company that the rock band does as a group.

3:00Copy video clip URL Executive talks about Jovan’s place in the tour. The Rolling Stones are specifically not endorsing Jovan products, they are just promoting the tour, and have the rights to use the Stones’ likeness or logo in advertising. He says “We are not trying to over-commercialize the event.”

4:10Copy video clip URL Jovan executive shows the poster for the new Stones’ tour. He is very proud of the poster, which will be available anyplace that Jovan fragrances are available. The cost of the poster will be $1, with any $5 Jovan purchase. They talk about various Jovan participations.

7:00Copy video clip URL Jovan executive talks about the expenses they are picking up to underwriter the tour. He expl ains, without going into figures, that it is “a lot.” “The largest tie-in between a recording organization and a manufacturer ever.” He talks seriously about the parallels between fragrances and rock music.

15:55Copy video clip URL Jovan executive is interviewed about several issues he doesn’t have much of an opinion on, for instance: the Rolling Stones playing small club shows. He talks about a small bit of trouble at a Boston club show, and says that the Rolling Stones are “astute businessmen” and that in his personal experience they don’t match up with their bad-boy images at all.

18:33Copy video clip URL End o f tape.



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