[Magic Ranch #3 / Magic Ranch #4]

Don Alan hosts a magic show with a variety of tricks - plus vintage ads from Cold War America!

1:25Copy video clip URL The footage begins. 

1:27Copy video clip URL “Black and White” footage of a man demonstrating how to do a string-related magic trick is shown. 

2:23Copy video clip URL A title card that reads, “Magic Ranch – Starring Don Alan” appears against a matte painting background. 

2:36Copy video clip URL A title card that reads, “and Featuring…THE WORLD’S GREATEST MAGICIANS”,  appears against the same matte painting background. 

2:45Copy video clip URL A Southwestern (Arizona and New Mexico) Indian rug can be seen hanging on a wall inside of a lodge. 

9:32Copy video clip URL The footage transitions with a “fade out” effect. 

9:36Copy video clip URL The book “HOW TO BE A… JUNIOR MAGICIAN” is shown. 

10:35Copy video clip URL Another “fade out” transition takes place. 

10:53Copy video clip URL “Junior Magician” David Tallman is introduced onstage. 

12:52Copy video clip URL An ad for the show “Leave it to Beaver” is shown. 

14:03Copy video clip URL Magician Johnny Plant is introduced. 

28:35Copy video clip URL An ad for, the “Barbie Board Game”, is shown. 

37:29Copy video clip URL Ads for, “Milk Duds” and “Slo-Poke” candies, are shown. 

38:43Copy video clip URL “Junior Magician” Robert Jennings is introduced. 

42:18Copy video clip URL Magician and Comedian Jay Marshall, is introduced. 

54:19Copy video clip URL An ad for the “Korn Kurl”, is shown.

1:00:12Copy video clip URL The footage ends. 



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