[March to United Nations in New York part 2]

This tape features footage of a New York City protest against police brutality. A throng of demonstrators march the streets in protest, eventually arriving at the United Nations building for a public address.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:27Copy video clip URL Supporters loudly chant before beginning to march.

1:07Copy video clip URL Supporters are seen marching and chanting down the street. The audio is fairly distorted throughout this portion of the tape.

3:55Copy video clip URL One of the videomakers tries to interview participants during the march. However, the audio levels are very low and the speakers can barely be heard. The videomakers continue to gather footage of the march. The image quality of the footage is poor throughout this portion of the video.

6:29Copy video clip URL The videomakers continue to collect more interviews and shoot more b-roll. All are relatively short and are very poor quality. The camerawork in this section is extremely poor and the audio is mostly indistinguishable.

23:10Copy video clip URL The supporters can be heard chanting “Dare to struggle, dare to win, William Morales, live like him” as they pass by the Bellevue Hospital Center on 27th Street. The camera work is still very poor. They eventually arrive outside of the United Nations building. Emilio Benevides can be seen among the group of speakers in the background.

27:35Copy video clip URL A woman announces Ricardo Romero, a Colorado based activist, to the stage. The crowd chants before the speaker begins.

27:54Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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