[Marc Smith A-Roll]

0:04Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Marc Smith sitting on a couch. Smith begins to speak about growing up on the South Side of Chicago. He talks about going to college and beginning to write seriously. He speaks about a job he had as a project manager. He talks briefly about his ex-wife and children.

8:00Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks what made him start Slam Poetry. He talks about his need to be recognized and what shows meant to him.

12:22Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks about how Slam Poetry has spread and his feelings about its inception. He continues to talk about his selfish desire to be on the stage. He talks about realizing that he was selfish and becoming sober. He says “I am now the man I always wanted to be, and didn’t know how to be.” He talks about the things he lost to become that person. He tears up.

23:00Copy video clip URL He talks about the way Slam allows performers and audience members to open up to each other.

26:00Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks if he ever gets tired of doing Slam. He says that he wants to be a playwright next. 

32:30Copy video clip URL Interview ends. Camera pans over some photographs and posters. 

36:10Copy video clip URL Smith points out his book cover on the wall and talks about its publishing. Footage of his house. Smith tells a story about his “so what” activity. 

41:47Copy video clip URL The camera man asks him about “stocking the stage.” He talks about his first time being on a stage, and then the kind of relationship that the audience and performer need to have for a compelling show.

49:06Copy video clip URL Footage of his house. Cut to black.

49:50Copy video clip URL Footage of the outside of a bar with a sign that says “The Original Live Jazz Poetry.”

51:28Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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