Media Burn’s 10th Anniversary Video Ball, Kartemquin camera, part 1

Footage of Media Burn's Video Ball celebrating its 10 year anniversary shot by an intern at Kartemquin Films.

00:00Copy video clip URL B-roll of Scrappers Film Group and volunteers helping to set up the TV Wall and the old Sony Portapak. Also some shots of the sky and the buildings around the parking garage.

06:11Copy video clip URL Jim Morrissette talks about the Portapak, what it was, and how it worked. “t still works! That’s what’s amazing.” He also explains a little about how you edited.

07:59Copy video clip URL More b-roll of the party and people setting up the TV Wall.

12:43Copy video clip URL Nate Herman makes jokes to welcome people to the party. The cameraman shoots footage of some of the buildings around the parking garage and of people enjoying the party.

17:10Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg gives a speech to welcome everyone and thank people who have helped Media Burn.

19:42Copy video clip URL B-roll of buildings around the parking garage.

20:09Copy video clip URL Ben Kolak of Scrappers gives a speech. Audio is low.

21:38Copy video clip URL B-roll of the lake, surrounding buildings, and people enjoying the party.

24:25Copy video clip URL People talk about the old equipment and the TV Wall. The camera man shoots some footage of recursive feedback loops on the TVs created when a camera points at its own livefeed.

27:53Copy video clip URL The cameraman interviews Tom Palazzolo, who talks about the two photos he donated to be auctioned off at the event. He talks about the interesting places he used to go in Chicago that are now gone, many of which he documented.

36:45Copy video clip URL Tom Palazzolo talks about being on Image Union and how some of his films are now in the archive. He recommends that people watch his film about Jerry’s deli, where the owner would yell at the patrons.

39:35Copy video clip URL He says it’s fun to have his videos in the archive and to be able to look back at the things he did. He talks about how things were different when he was making films in the past.



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